HTCP - Level I/II Combination

To provide additional opportunities and options for our participants, the HTCP has developed the HTCP Level I/II Combination Clinic. This clinic format combines all the components of a Level I with an Emergency sports-specific first aid training into a single day format. There are several advantages to this type of clinic format depending upon the area of the province.

The clinics are more time and cost effective for the participant. The participant receives sports specific first aid training in hockey. Trainers may choose to certify in the Level I only, certify in both levels, or participate in the Level II portion at a more convenient date.

New trainers are required to obtain HTCP Level 1 certification. Certifications that have expired or lapsed past the (Branch/Division) allowable extension period require HTCP Level 1 certification.

Re-certification is required prior to the expiration date.

NOTE: If you currently hold a valid first aid certification (Standard or higher) or have certain medical or para-medical qualifications, you may already qualify for Level 2 upgrade status. Prior to registering for a Level I/II Combination clinic please refer to HTCP Level II information, which lists the qualifications that apply.