HTCP - Level 2

The HTCP Level 2 program has been designed to be flexible with the participant in mind. This level has several avenues that the participant can choose from to obtain certification in the Level II program.

The Level II is the recognition of a current Level I trainer who has obtained a (minimum) Standard First Aid card from a recognized First Aid Delivery Organization (FADO). The first aid card must also be valid for the entire hockey season (September 1st to April 30th) to which season it would be applicable. Expiration dates will vary according to the guidelines established by the first aid provider. Note:  Completion of Emergency or CPR training programs in themselves are not accepted for recognition of Level 2 status.  In order to maintain/renew Level 2 status, you must keep your first aid current and provide proof of re-certification prior to your HTCP expiry date. Click here to review First Aid Providers or contact your branch or division for a list of recognized first aid providers.

The HTCP also recognizes those individuals who have certain medical and para-medical qualifications which are deemed of a higher qualification than that of a standard first aid. Those individuals having full accreditation in the following areas are able to apply for HTCP Level II status once they have successfully completed the Level I program: Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, Physical Therapist, Athletic Therapist (CATA C.), Ambulance Attendant, Paramedic, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), Podiatrist and *Military Medic (*all qualifications must be licensed in Canada). In all circumstances the individual must provide proof of qualification to the hockey association Technical Director for proper certification to be issued. In order to maintain/renew Level 2 status, you must provide proof of re-qualification (recognized credentials) prior to your HTCP expiry date.

To apply for Level 2 upgrade or Level 2 renewal, please direct your request to the appropriate branch/division office. Please note that an administration fee may apply.

Please contact your branch/division office or the HDCO for additional information.

Click Here for Listing of Branch/Division Offices