Who We Are

The Hockey Development Centre for Ontario (HDCO) was established in 1984 to respond to the safety, education and development needs of amateur hockey in Ontario. Formerly known as Hockey Ontario, the HDCO has membership from all Amateur Hockey Bodies within the Province of Ontario, including:

Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario (MHAO)
Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL)
Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA)
Ontario Hockey Association (OHA)
Ontario Hockey League (OHL)
Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA)
Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA)
Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO)
Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA)
Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO)

Each of these members has voting rights and representation on the organization's Board of Directors. The Board elects a Chairperson who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The Past Chairman rounds out the Board of Directors.

These organizations are the governing bodies of amateur hockey in their jurisdictional area, setting playing rules, regulations and policies for competition within their specific area. Each HDCO member organization has their own Board of Directors and office staff to carry out the duties of running hockey programs within their respective area. These organizations represent an estimated 15,000 teams and 400,000 hockey players in the Province.

In addition, the HDCO has granted associate membership status to certain organizations that are committed to the betterment and enjoyment of amateur hockey in Ontario. At the present time the Hockey Hall of Fame is an associate member of the HDCO.