Programs & Services

The HDCO offers a wide variety of programs and services that people at the local hockey level probably are not familiar with. The following is an outline of many of these programs and services.

Funding Support
All funding support received for amateur hockey in Ontario from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (formerly Health Promotion) is channelled through the HDCO. Each member organization submits requests on an annual basis for funding support of their programs and services. The management and distribution of these funds are coordinated through the HDCO office. Areas that receive funding support include: coaching certification (NCCP), officials certification and supervision (HCOP), trainers certification (HTCP), a variety of risk management programs, participation and elite player development programs for male and female players, administrative and technical support, as well as a variety of projects aimed at fostering the development of the game in each area of the province.

GOODSPORT - The True Spirit of Hockey!
GOODSPORT was created by The Hockey Development Centre for Ontario and its member organizations as part of a common philosophy document for amateur hockey in Ontario. GOODSPORT'S long-term goal is to encourage and support good sportsmanship and to sanction, discourage and prevent un-sportsmanship behaviour. GOODSPORT aims to encourage players, volunteers and administrators to lead by example - to show that being a good sport is what hockey is all about - that is THE TRUE SPIRIT OF HOCKEY! For more information on the GOODSPORT program go to GOODSPORT on our website, contact the HDCO office or contact your nearest Branch/Division office.

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
Through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Hockey Canada provides hockey coaches in Canada with the necessary education and training to improve their coaching skills.

Hockey Canada's Compentency Based Educational Training (CBET), which is currently being phased in, has replaced the former Coach Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced I and Advanced II/Level IV format.

The new NCCP CBET model has defined three streams of coaching:

  • Community/Recreational Level
  • Development Level
  • High Performance Level

These can also be referred to as Training to Train, Training to Compete and Training to Win. The new certification/education model provides coaches the flexibility to enter the program at any level and play and find the coaching certification appropriate for them. Coaches will also have the ability to move from stream to stream. Clinics are hosted by the Branches/Divisions of Hockey Canada.

By setting performance standards for coaches, NCCP certification is also an effective means of monitoring and recognizing the qualifications, talents and achievements of individual coaches.

For more information contact your nearest Branch/Division office of Hockey Canada in Ontario or the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario.

Hockey Canada Officiating Program (HCOP)
The Hockey Canada Officiating Program is structured into six levels and is designed to serve every level from the newcomer to the experienced veteran.

HCOP was developed to standardize the methods and techniques of officiating, to acquire uniformity in the rule interpretation and to provide a progressive training process to ensure that an adequate number of qualified officials are available to officiate hockey games. Clinics are held in the individual Branches of Hockey Canada.

For more information contact your nearest Branch/Division office of Hockey Canada in Ontario or the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario.

Hockey Canada Initiation Program (HCIP)
Hockey Canada Initiation Program is aimed for players aged 5 to 10 and is designed to introduce them to hockey so that they will have fun, learn skills and develop confidence. There are four levels of the Initiation Program, each with on-ice sessions designed to develop the skills of the young player prior to their competitive years. For more information on HockeyCanada's Initiation Program contact your Branch/Division office of Hockey Canada in Ontario, your local hockey association, or the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario for a referral.

High Performance Program
The HDCO plays a coordinating role in this elite talent identification program for 15-year-old male players. The objective of the program is to provide a positive competitive experience to eligible players, with the ultimate goal of selecting a Provincial Team that represents Ontario at selected National and International competitions. Regional camps are coordinated by HDCO member organizations.

Please contact your Branch/Division of Hockey Canada or the HDCO for more information.

Penalty Free Sweepstakes
For twenty-seven years, the HDCO has been the coordinating and administrative centre for the highly successful Penalty Free Sweepstakes. The contest is open to any amateur hockey team in Ontario who plays a penalty free hockey game during the contest period. Each team receives a commemorative memento and other items for entering. Also, a random draw is held at the end of the contest for a wide variety of exciting team prizes.

The Sweepstakes was developed to promote skills, safety and sportsmanship in Canada's most popular sport. Since the inception of the program in 1987, more than 150,000 team entries have been received during the contest periods. In addition, of all entries received in previous years, 62% have either won or tied their penalty free game. The HDCO believes that this contest is doing its part in changing the attitudes within the game.

The HDCO publishes "ICE TIMES" annually (March), which is now available on the HDCO website. ICE TIMES provides amateur hockey enthusiasts in Ontario with articles, human interest stories and other current information on amateur hockey throughout the province.

Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP)
Since 1984, the HDCO has provided the HTCP to amateur hockey in Ontario. The HTCP is designed to educate people in the prevention, recognition and treatment of hockey-related injuries. The program offers three levels of certification which are designed to assist the individual trainer as his or her experience grows. HTCP Level 1 is now offered as an e-Learning course and includes both the HTCP Level 1 full course and a refresher component.

In 2014-15, the HTCP certified approximately over 9,000 people throughout the province. The program addresses many key areas including: Role and Responsibilities of the Trainer, Code of Ethics and Fair Play Codes, development of the Emergency Action Plan, development of a prudent Risk Management Plan, protective equipment, injury prevention techniques, Removing Players from Action/Return to Play, nutrition and the procedures to follow in common and life threatening injury situations. The HTCP is the only sport specific risk management , injury management and safety education program in Ontario. For more information on the HTCP, contact your nearest Branch/Division office of Hockey Canada or the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario HTCP e-Learning website at